Software Untuk Mempercepat Koneksi Internet – Net Accelerator

internet download accelerator.jpg Software Untuk Mempercepat Koneksi Internet – Net Accelerator
Net Accelerator is an Internet solution, which easily solves two of the most well known Internet problems: Slow connection performances and Undesirable disconnections. Net Accelerator can prevent TCP/IP protocols data transfer from fragmentation. By using it you can boost your Internet connection performances up to 200% (we also got users’ reports on 300% improvement).
Net Accelerator has also a Ping option which prevents you from being disconnected by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Most Internet Service Providers have inactivity timeout, they will disconnect you after a fixed time of modem inactivity. How many times did you leave your computer for a few minutes and the moment you came back you found out that somehow you had been disconnected? How many times did you decide to read something on the net and before finishing it the disconnect dialog appeared? Net Accelerator will prevent those undesirable disconnections by sending and receiving a data package every fixed time.
Net Accelerator saves a lot of time, money and frustrations. It’s a MUST HAVE tool for everyone who uses an Internet connection. It boosts any Internet related software such as browser/email programs, AOL, CompuServe, RealAudio, Real Video, ICQ and many others… Moreover it also prevents an undesirable disconnection. Net Accelerator is being used by people all over the world and the reviews are amazing. It Includes a very intuitive and simple to operate user interface and a comprehensive help file.
File Size: 1.30 Mb
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